The sites listed here contain accurate information about addiction in general as well as opiates in particular. These sites may also provide resources, tools, literature and media articles of interest to anyone dealing with addiction or treatment and prevention initiatives. Mental Health and Recovery Board sites contain both general information and service provider listings. These information sites  have been verified as of  August 2023. 





Scientists from the nation’s leading health agencies and four major academic institutions are partnering with communities in four states to test a set of interventions to combat the opioid crisis and reduce opioid overdose deaths by 40 percent over 3 years in participating communities.  Stark County is actively participating through December 2023.  This site provides information about the initiatives, connections to resources, general information about Opioid Use Disorder, and ways you can help. Outreach materials are available upon request.


NIDA is a division of the National Institute of Health which works to advance science on drug use and addiction and to apply that knowledge to improve individual and public health.


The Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) Non-Fatal Opioid Overdose Tracker is to track non-fatal opioid overdoses nationwide in the pre-hospital setting using nationally submitted Emergency Medical Services (EMS) data.


1-877-275-6364 Toll Free Bridge Line
The OhioMHAS Consumer and Family Toll-Free Bridge (TFB) line provides referral and resource information for callers regarding addiction and mental health services, supports and organizations statewide. TFB staff members are peers who often work to help callers find the resources they need, learn about the referral process to access those resources, and understand consumer rights and responsibilities. The goal of this free telephone service is to promote advocacy, independence and recovery for Ohioans with addiction and mental health issues.
The site offers a range of links to a wide range of  addiction and mental health resources including crisis services, treatment, recovery and prevention supports.


Resources for the prevention of prescription drug misuse and abuse including a statewide prescription drug disposal site locator and free drug disposal bags


OneOhio is a state plan for local governments encompassing more than two-thirds of the state’s population to jointly approach settlement negotiations and litigation with the drug manufacturers and distributors of opioids. OneOhio provides a mechanism for the distribution of any opioid settlement funds and outlines how the funds can be used.


Patient's Right to Opioid Alternatives - Conservative Treatment First
North Central Academy of Chiropractic's initiative to promote non-drug pain treatment and management options

Recovery Ohio is an advisory and action initiative created by Governor DeWine  to improve mental health and substance use prevention, treatment, and recovery support services in Ohio. The website contains news, information and resource links specific to the state of Ohio

RALI Ohio and its partners support a broad range of programs to address substance misuse, including prevention, treatment and recovery services.  The  initial  focus is on providing tools to enable the safe disposal of unused prescription medicines and raising awareness of the signs of opioid misuse


Overdose data tracking and fatality review reports


Provides addiction, mental health, recovery and prevention resources including information and toolkits, trainings, and connections to service providers.


Comprised of individuals form a variety of community organizations, the Task Force is designed to bring people and resources together from all sectors of the community to develop and pursue goals and strategies focused on advocacy, education, community partnerships, innovation, and data. Participation is open to anyone in the community with a stake in the issue.




National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357)
This is a confidential, free, 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, information service, in English and Spanish, for individuals and family members facing mental and/or substance use disorders. This service provides referrals to local treatment facilities, support groups, and community-based organizations.

This resource discusses opioid use disorder facts, five essential steps for first responders, information for prescribers, safety advice for patients & family members, and recovering from opioid overdose.



Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General's Spotlight on Opioids (published in 2018).
This is a  short article outlining the points made in the 2016 Surgeon General's report on Facing Addiction in America


A website for patients, practitioners and the general public to promote and implement safer pain management and pain medication practices






Excellent "Addiction A-Z" site featuring numerous video presentations on such addiction topics as drugs of abuse, addiction brain science, Naloxone administration, genetics and addiction, treatment and prevention.


Dr. Nicole Labor's Keynote presentation at the 2018 Stark County Opiate Symposium gives a detailed explanation of why addiction is a disease and how it fits into the medical disease model.


An initiative of the Ohio Opioid Education Alliance this site addresses stigmas about mental health and substance use disorders. Learn the facts about mental illness and addiction—and how you can help. Includes links to support and education resources as well as a "Beat the Stigma" question and answer game about Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders. The game provides instant feedback as to whether you’re wrong or right—and get a chance to review your responses and get more information about the correct answers at the end of the game.


On-line podcasts and educational information about addiction, treatment, recovery and alternatives to prescription opiates.


A  music industry initiative to unite artists, crews, staff, and fans as a community to destigmatize addiction, support recovery, and expand music culture to include sobriety. Objectives include creating exclusive and engaging sober experiences, encouraging conversations about sobriety. and offering recovery support through the Phoenix app and podcast which can be accessed from this site.


Individuals in recovery from addiction, trauma and mental illness provide a first-hand account of their journey. The podcast is powered by Commquest and serves to provide powerful perspectives on recovery that are both educational and inspirational.


Podcasts and short video explaining how addiction hijacks the survival center of the brain




General addiction and recovery information for individuals, families and professionals
Excellent comprehensive site with information, videos and printable materials  about all aspects of addiction, treatment, harm reduction and recovery.
This article discusses grief caused by a living loved one becoming someone that you no longer know or recognize due to trauma, mental health or substance       abuse issues
Information about how to get court ordered involuntary treatment (potentially at no cost) for your loved one's drug or alcohol addiction.
A short overview of the general signs of drug overdose and what to do for first aid in most situations.
Blog information and support resource site for families
A concise "fact from fiction" guide presenting science-based recommendations for people trying to help a loved one suffering from addiction which presents some alternative viewpoints on enabling.
Tips for helping encourage your loved one to seek treatment
Treatment provider resource page on accompanying a loved one through recovery  provides insight on addiction behaviors, the affects on families and     healthy ways to provide support and avoid enabling.
A series of brief articles for family members on the topics of coping with addiction, enabling, and the family's role in supporting treatment and recovery 
Excellent "Addiction 101" information about all aspects of the disease of addiction including prevention, treatment, recovery and harm reduction.
This treatment provider articles discusses signs of addiction and the effects of addiction on the family.




Concise article that discusses teen substance use vs. abuse and addiction, commonly abused substances among teens, reasons and risk factors for substance abuse, signs of teen use and prevention and treatment strategies 
Partnership for Drug Free Kids website provides support and guidance information for parents struggling with a child's substance use.
This article contains some simple tips for encouraging  healthier individual and family habits
This is  an excerpt from Life Over the Influence™, an online learning program that is part of the Total Transformation Program
Comprehensive resource page with a wide variety of  information, tips, tools and resource materials to guide parents and caregivers in discussing many types     of addiction with children and youth in language that is easily understood.
*NOTE*  Charlotte's Web is a CBD product retailer however this page provides links to articles and contains no product or sales information.
This guide provides tip and strategies for talking to your child about drugs and alcohol and what to do if you suspect your teen may be using
This article provides a brief overview of symptoms, causes and treatments for teenage depression
Information on the impact of social media one teens and substance use as well as tips for maintaining teen mental health while using social media
Comprehensive, broad-spectrum information for parents and educators about youth mental health issues including types of disorders, triggers, warning signs, risk factors and prevention tips
National Association for Children of Addiction provides excellent  resources, tool kits and training opportunities for families and child care professionals
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism site contains teen alcohol abuse information and prevention strategies for parents
Treatment provider article about  teen drug use includes statistics, effects of drug abuse on the developing brain, experimentation vs. addiction, warning signs of drug use, and  how to talk to a teen about drugs.
Prevention & discussion tips and tool kits for parents/guardians and youth group leaders
A guide for parents to provide them with critical information about how they can approach the topic of drug and alcohol addiction and misuse with their children in order to lower their risk of use and addiction. Topics include negative impacts of substance abuse, risk factors, signs of use, and tips for talking to children about drug use and consequences. 


HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT on-line program
This is an interactive exhibit and education program that show parents how to spot signs of drug use and other problems from items found in a teen bedroom




BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color and is is an umbrella term for people who identify as something other than white. This article provides addiction and mental health statistics as well as links to resources for these specific populations.
Information about the challenges and risk factors facing the LGBTQ population, drugs of abuse, co-occurring disorders, disparities in healthcare and treatment, and substance abuse prevention tips
Information and statistics about addiction and mental health issues in the LBGTQ population
This article features a comprehensive guide to assist and support the LGBTQ community and youth facing substance abuse and contains interesting information about the history of hemp and marijuana in America and among the LGBTQ community
Topics include the role of racism in mental health, common mental illnesses in the black community, barriers to seeking help and the importance of culturally competent care




Comprehensive general information about causes, symptoms, withdrawal, types of alcoholism and treatment options
Brief concise article detailing the dangers of alcoholism, signs of alcoholism, types of drinking problems, withdrawal symptoms and  an Alcoholic Self-Quiz
Information about the risks and treatment for the co-abuse of substances like alcohol and opioids
 A fact-based resource center on alcohol and drug addiction and treatment. Learn more about causes, symptoms, and treatment options.




Dual diagnosis is the term for a substance use disorder coupled with a  mental health or behavioral disorder. This brief article discuss common mental health disorders linked to addiction including warnings signs, self-medication dangers and treatment considerations.
Information on addiction and the dangers of illicit substances, how drugs and alcohol affect the body, how to identify the signs and symptoms of abuse, and where to seek effective treatment. This is a very good comprehensive general information site for families and people in the recovery process.
Concise and comprehensive article which lists and explains a variety of treatment programs, addiction therapies and recovery support groups.
This site describes common drugs of abuse and their effects on the body in general and the cardiovascular system in particular
Warning signs and symptoms of drug abuse and information about how substance abuse problems develop and create changes in the user's brain
This site list signs of addiction and withdrawal, the differences between addiction and dependence and also has an addiction self test
Self-medicating can be a gateway to addiction. This article discussing substances and behaviors commonly used for self-medicating, underlying mental health issues that can lead to self -medication and therapeutic options.
This is a treatment provider site with  resources for beating addiction including information about brain science and the cycle of addiction, fears related to recovery, as well the roles of commitment  and personal responsibility in the recovery process.
Treatment provider sponsored article discusses the effects of trauma on the brain and the connection between trauma and addiction
A concise and informative  article about opioid uses, misuses, signs of  dependence, drug seeking behaviors, alternative forms of pain management, and         supporting those in recovery.
A good general resource site for news, information, and  articles about Opioids, the opioid epidemic, and treatment/recovery related topics
This treatment provider site brief  contains an Addiction Self Test, the11 Substance Use Disorder (SUD) criteria for diagnosis, and information about the risk factors and stages of SUD
This is a treatment provider site that includes a comprehensive overview of Medication Assisted Treatment with Buprenorphine 
This treatment provider  article discusses commonly abused pain medications, risk factors and symptoms of  addiction, and alternatives for pain management.
A Self-Test for pain medication addiction is also included.
Brief comprehensive treatment provider article describing types of drugs with overdose potential as well as overdose risk factors, symptoms, treatment and long-terms effects
General information about the use and effects of the drug, as well as withdrawal, overdose and treatment information


The guide explains a variety of mental health/substance abuse disorders and when to seek treatment. It also discusses how to pay for mental health or substance abuse services including information about insurance, Medicare/Medicaid, and resources for the uninsured.
This guide outlines some of the resources designed to provide financial assistance for those recovering from addiction.